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Vanessa Rivera commented on Steve Hegwood's group First Time Flippers
"I'm going to try setting up a microflipped/partially flipped art 1 & 2 curriculum for the upcoming school year via Google Classroom"
2 hours ago
Jonathan Bergmann commented on Steve Hegwood's group First Time Flippers
"Coby: You can get my books on Amazon or any major book seller. I have an amazon store on my site where you can see them all easily: http://jonbergmann.com/store ;"
2 hours ago
Heather Lye commented on Steve Hegwood's group First Time Flippers
"Hi Coby, I recommend checking out books by Jonathan Bergmann, thats where I started to wrap my head around. The gist of planning is deciding what content (direct instruction) to "flip" and why you are doing it - what do you want to gain in…"
6 hours ago
Coby commented on Steve Hegwood's group First Time Flippers
"Hi All I am a Visual Arts and Photography Teacher hoping to start "flipping" in my classroom. Where do I start? I feel as though I am "flipping out" at the moment...and diving in! eeeek! Coby"
11 hours ago

Flipped Learning Community

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It is called "flipped" because the traditional definition was, "what used to be classwork (the lecture) is done outside of class (usually with videos), and what used to be homework (assigned problems) is now done in class". However, flipped learning has evolved to describe any situation in which technology is used to time shift the delivery of content. It is where active learning meets technology.

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