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Heidi Diercks replied to Kelvin's discussion Anyone working with a 1:1 ipad program in their elementary class? in the group Elementary (Grades K-6)
"I have a class set of iPads in my classroom and am trying to teach a form of flipped math this year.  I don't have the kids do the work at home but have them watch lessons on the iPads while I work with small groups.  I love the…"
Helaine W. Marshall commented on Anna Davis's group College-Level Flippers
"I am currently engaged in assisting faculty in making the shift and I have two main strategies: 1- Show them my own courses both before and after flipping so they see what is different 2-  Take a syllabus from their program and literally plan a…"
Rob Pusch commented on Anna Davis's group College-Level Flippers
"I've also done training for faculty. I agree, the hardest part is getting them to think about how to create engaging classroom experiences and not just lecture. I think one tendency is to review what was in videos. I always remind them that, if…"
Ellen Turnell commented on Anna Davis's group College-Level Flippers
"I have not seen much training for teachers. I, personally, have trained a few professors on my campus. The hardest thing is to tell them NOT to lecture. Once you do, you have given up."

Flipped Learning Community

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It is called "flipped" because the traditional definition was, "what used to be classwork (the lecture) is done outside of class (usually with videos), and what used to be homework (assigned problems) is now done in class". However, flipped learning has evolved to describe any situation in which technology is used to time shift the delivery of content. It is where active learning meets technology.

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This free professional learning community is for sharing best practices. Looking for more information? The Flipped Learning Network and the Flipped Learning Global Initiative are the source of information for emerging and established educators at all grade levels and subjects who are employing the flip in a single lesson, an individual class, an entire department, or the whole school.



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